Purple Clay Fish Ashtray

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This ashtray is made of great-quality clay into a fish shape, symbolizing good fortune and long life. It has a natural color and is exquisitely carved. Suitable to use indoor and outdoor.

🔶 [PURPLE CLAY] The rare "purple clay" is mined near Taihu Lake, 100+ miles northwest of Shanghai, China.

Purple clay mine was formed 3.5 hundred millions years ago. It is high-quality clay because of its fine texture and porous nature, and it's easy to mold. In China, purple clay has been developed and used for 1,000+ years.

The various types of clay in the purple clay group contain different quantities of oxidized iron. As a result, they produce different colors after being fired at various temperatures during the production process.

🔶 [FISH] In Chinese culture, according to Feng Shui, a fish represents abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

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