What to Look for When Buying an Ashtray

Planning to buy an ashtray anytime soon? Here are 5 things you should consider while buying an ashtray for your home or office space.

Ash Trays: What to Look for When Buying an Ashtray

An ashtray is a common accessory in your home, office space, or patio if you're a smoker. Gone are the days of plain, not-so-pretty ashtrays. Modern ashtrays look amazing, come with intricate designs and details, and they have become an essential part of home decor.

Whether you are buying one for yourself or planning to get one as a gift, here are the 5 things you should look for when buying an ashtray.


The most important aspect you should consider is the material of the ashtray. It must be made out of fire-resistant material so that there is no sign of damage after dropping cigarette ashes into it. Some of the popular materials used for making ashtrays are ceramic, marble, stainless steel, wood, resin, cement, copper, and so on. You should also look for durability and ease of cleaning, because let's be real, you won't purchase a new ashtray every other day. The materials we mentioned meet this requirement —they are sturdy and long-lasting.


You should always prioritize the functionality of the ashtray you are buying. At the end of the day, its primary job is to collect tobacco ashes. So make sure the product you are choosing has a practical design and is convenient to use. Ashtrays with lids have become popular nowadays because they hide all the clutter, and when used outdoors, the wind won't blow away the cigarette butts and tobacco remains.

Cute Metal Turtle Ashtray with Lid Zinc Alloy Colorful


Besides their functional value, ashtrays also carry an aesthetic appeal. So while buying an ashtray, ensure that the piece you are choosing goes well with the decor and theme of your living space. For instance, you can pick minimalist ashtrays, vintage-style ashtrays, animal-themed ashtrays, or elegant crystal glass ashtrays, depending on your personal preference. A beautifully crafted ashtray enhances your home decor and attracts compliments from your guests.


Another aspect you have to take into account is the purpose of buying the ashtray. For instance, you might buy it as a gift for someone, or as a home decor piece to deck up your coffee table. You could also buy it for outdoor usage, for the times when you sit on the patio and hang out with friends. There are multiple designs, materials, and styles available to meet your different needs and purposes.


Ashtrays are usually not expensive, even when they are made of premium materials. Depending on the particular design or material you choose, expect to spend anywhere between $20 to $50 for an ashtray.

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