Holiday Notice 2024

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year 2024!

As we step into the new year, we'd like to share some important updates regarding the upcoming festivities. Following the Western Christmas and New Year celebrations, we are gearing up for the joyous occasion of Lunar New Year.

During this period, many operations in China will temporarily pause to allow everyone to partake in the festivities. Here are the key dates you should be aware of:

  • January 22, 2024: Manufacturers will gradually cease operations.
  • February 5, 2024: Logistic companies will temporarily suspend their services.
  • February 8, 2024: Ashtray Planet will begin its holiday break.
  • February 19, 2024: All parties will resume operations, and we'll diligently work through any accumulated orders.

Ashtray Planet Lunar New Year Holiday 2024 China Chinese

To ensure your order is not affected by the holiday season, we kindly recommend placing it by the end of this week (January 15-19, 2024). This will help us process and ship your order before the festivities commence.

This annual break is our only time to recharge, and we appreciate your understanding if it takes a tad longer than usual. We sincerely apologize for any delays in processing and shipping your orders.

If time is of the essence, we understand, and we're more than happy to cancel your order to help you explore other options.

*** If you are a buyer from the US, and are considering purchasing the "Outdoor Ashtray for Patio with Lid 5.7-inch Ceramic (US)", this WILL NOT BE AFFECTED as our inventory is already stationed in Kansas, US.

Thank you for your continuous support, and we look forward to serving you with renewed energy post our holiday break.


Warm regards,
The Ashtray Planet Team

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