Why Ashtray Planet?

There are plenty of ashtray sellers. Why should you shop on Ashtray Planet?

(1) Wide Variety of Ashtrays

    • More than 1000+ good-quality ashtrays to choose from
      • cute or cool
      • vintage or modern
      • fragile or non-fragile
      • large or small
      • cigarettes or cigars

(2) Exceptional Customer Service

  • Responsive - reply within 24 hours
  • Monitor tracking till shipments are delivered
  • Notifications upon delivery
  • Proactive in detecting issues and resolving them ASAP
  • Customer-centric, happy to provide options and suggestions 

(3) Quick Action, No Excuse

  • If a shipment is damaged in transit, a replacement is guaranteed
  • If a shipment is lost in transit, we'll inform buyers and send replacement quickly 
  • Always keep our buyers posted of progress/updates

(4) Give Back to the Planet

  • For every ashtray sold, we plant a tree on behalf of the buyer